Enan Srivastava 

Economics @ The Ohio State '22 | Big Data Analytics Association President | OSU Poly Sci Data Analyst


OSU Big Data Analytics Association

January 2020-Present
  • Led an executive board of 14 to put on twice a week meetings and special programming for 300+ students and over 150 active members.
  • Implemented "flywheel" workflow concept in order to spin up over 7 internal initiatives ranging from recruitment, education, and sponsorships
  • Met with industry and university leaders to address pain points within the data analytics program with initiatives
  • Project DataMastery- Created and put on 30 hours of data analytics zero-to-hero educational workshops for 70 enrolled students
  • BDAART SP21- Launched Beta Research lab housing 20 students split into 2 teams working on projects with AEP and the political science department.
  • BDAART AU20-Launched Alpha Lab with 10 students working in 2 teams for Fisher and the political science department

Data Analyst

The Ohio State University Political Science Department

May 2020-Present
  • Accepted Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship for summer 2021
  • Amicus Curiae Networks
  • -Presented “Time, Place and Scope: A Journey through the U.S. Supreme Court and its Friends” as a poster at the 2020 POLNET/PACSS Conference and as a conference paper at SPSA 2021
  • -Working under Professor Janet Box-Steffensmeier to create over 60 data visualizations Investigating correlations in Supreme Court Amicus Briefs and expanding a MySQL database
  • -Scraped, processed, organized into a database all Supreme Court Journals
  • Congressional Speeches:
  • -Developed a 10-month technical project plan to surface relevant insights on one-minute speeches in Congress.
  • -Assisted in the web scraping process of downloading all congressional transcripts from 1960-2020
  • -Utilized NLTK to do text analytics on said data

Software Developer

Singularity University

May 2020-December 2020
  • Developed and maintained 2 internal data applications written in R Shiny; Implemented Auth0 rules, SSL, and log tracking; Maintained AWS EC2 instances
  • Wrote project proposals and working on an article concerning the dangers of AI Biases and a need for regulation
  • Implementing front end features for a PHP Laravel application and R web app

Exec. Board Liaison

OSU Big Data Analytics Association

January 2020-December 2020
  • Assisted with programming, workshops and web design
  • Currently leading an initiative to roll out data analytics consulting teams
  • Lead a team of 4 and coordinating strategy as the Head of Data analytics & Management for Big Data Analytical Investments, a Quantitative Finance sub-club of Big Data Analytics Association.(January 2020-September 2020)
  • On planning committee for Data I/O 2020, OSU Arts and Sciences Quantitative Career Fair 2020

Head of Strategy and operations

See3D, 501(c)(3)- 3D Printing for the Blind

February 2020-December 2020
  • Implemented and integrated 501(c)(3) services from vendors, TechSoup and Google Administrator
  • With the vision of growth and structural autonomy of the organization, formulated a plan to hire and manage a team of 12.
  • Introduced and co built marketing, analytics and educational guide departments
  • Met with industry leaders to discuss partnerships and best practices

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