Enan Srivastava 

Economics @ The Ohio State '22 CS Minor| Big Data Analytics Association Liason | AWS Educate Student Partner | Microsoft Student Partner

Software Developer

Singularity University

May 2020-Present
  • Developed and maintained 2 internal data applications written in R Shiny; Implemented Auth0 rules, SSL, and log tracking; Maintained AWS EC2 instances
  • Wrote project proposals and working on an article concerning the dangers of AI Biases and a need for regulation
  • Implementing front end features for a PHP Laravel application and R web app

Data Analyst

The Ohio State University Political Science Department

May 2020-Present
  • Presented “Time, Place and Scope: A Journey through the U.S. Supreme Court and its Friends” as a poster at the 2020 POLNET/PACSS Conference hosted by by Northeastern University
  • Working under Professor Janet Box-Steffensmeier to create over 60 data visualizations Investigating correlations in Supreme Court Amicus Briefs and expanding a MySQL database

Exec. Board Liaison

OSU Big Data Analytics Association

January 2020-Present
  • Assisted with programming, workshops and web design
  • Currently leading an initiative to roll out data analytics consulting teams
  • Lead a team of 4 and coordinating strategy as the Head of Data analytics & Management for Big Data Analytical Investments, a Quantitative Finance sub-club of Big Data Analytics Association.(January 2020-September 2020)
  • On planning committee for Data I/O 2020, OSU Arts and Sciences Quantitative Career Fair 2020

Head of Strategy and operations

See3D, 501(c)(3)- 3D Printing for the Blind

February 2020-Present
  • Implemented and integrated 501(c)(3) services from vendors, TechSoup and Google Administrator
  • With the vision of growth and structural autonomy of the organization, formulated a plan to hire and manage a team of 12.
  • Introduced and co built marketing, analytics and educational guide departments
  • Met with industry leaders to discuss partnerships and best practices

Machine Learning Research Assistant

The Ohio State University Physics Department

October 2019-February 2020

Creating commercial use cases, cryptographic attacks, and frequency pattern recognition algorithms using Echo State Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

Sensei- Instructor

Code Ninjas, Oswego IL

April 2019-August 2019
  • Taught Scratch and JavaScript to 7-14 year olds in classroom and one on one setting
  • Organized effective software and file management for 30 computers

Web Developement Intern

Weblinx Inc. Oswego IL

June 2018-May 2019
  • Created and optimized PHP and CSS/SCSS files as per client requests in a team environment
  • Utilized Git SCM and SCRUM in daily workflow
  • Defined and tested use case scenarios to test website functionality

Volunteer Web Developer- Intern

Kendall County Democrats

September 2018-December 2018
  • Redesigned WordPress website with custom JavaScript and CSS
  • Reduced website latency by 70% & implemented SEO and Google Analytics boosting site visibility
  • Canvassed and designed posters for county candidates in 2018 midterm election

Real Life Reviews

Josh M.

"Half Stereotypical nerdy Indian technocrat, half preppy white girl"

My Ex-Girlfriend

"Good for picking up employers, bad for picking up girls"(worked on her though so...)

My Mom

"Needs sunglasses because his future is so bright, now go clean your room"

Jayson P.

"Half 35 y/o Venture Capital fund manager, half 12 y/o memelord"

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